KDF's History with High Quality German Rifles

For 38 years, the name "KDF" has been synonimous with high grade German Rifles. During the 70's and 80's, we imported the Kleingunther model K14, K15, and K22 rifles made by Voere GmbH in Voehrenbach, Germany. In 1986 we became the sole importer for J.P. Sauer & Sons rifles until that company was bought by SIG, and SIGARMS took over that responsibility. In 1990, Mauser bought Voere, and KDF became the sole US importer for Mauser.

In 1999, KDF became a SIGARMS dealer, selling the SIG SHR 970 rifles and the full line of Blaser rifles. We have been a Blaser Trophy Dealer since that program was initiated and have remained among the top 5 dealers in sales volumes in the United States.



Services by KDF

  • Stock Making
  • General Gunsmithing
  • Reblueing
  • Stock Refinishing
  • Accurizing
  • Custom Gun Making

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Blaser Trophy Dealer

Blaser Products:

  • R93 Bolt Action Rifle
  • K95 Single Shot Rifle
  • S2 Side by Side
  • F3 Over and Under

KDF can customize your Blaser rifle in the following:

  • Stock Refinishing
  • Add Muzzle Brake
  • Wood Bolt Knob
  • Change Side Plates
  • Custom Made Wood Stocks in Fine Woods that include Walnut, Maple, and Mesquite

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Walnut Maple Mesquite