KDF Slim Line Muzzle Brake

KDF, INC. is recognized world-wide as the leader in high efficiency muzzle brake technology. The widely acclaimed KDF Slim Line muzzle brake is not only the most effective brake on the market, but it also looks great on your rifle.

KDF, INC. developed and produced the first muzzle brake in 1983. Many have copied this effective design, and several variations of our design have been tried. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. We welcome gunsmiths to inquire about becoming muzzle brake installation centers.

Technical editor, Bob Forker of GUNS & AMMO Magazine, credited the KDF Slim Line as having the highest rate of recoil reduction of nine muzzle brakes he tested. ("MUZZLE BRAKE SHOOTOUT" June 1994 issue of GUNS & AMMO Magazine). When a better muzzle brake is made, KDF will make it.



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KDF Recoil Comparison Chart

The following data indicates estimated felt-recoil reduction after the installation of our KDF Slim Line Muzzle Brake.

Caliber Felt-Recoil After Installation
.460 Wby. Mag. .375 H & H
.458 Win. Mag. .338 Win. Mag.
.411 KDF Mag. 7mm Rem. Mag.
.378 Wby. Mag. .30-06
.375 H & H .30-06
.340 Wby. Mag. .270 Win.
.338 Win. Mag. .270 Win.
.308 Norma Mag. .243 Win.
.300 H & H .243 Win.
.300 Wby. Mag. .243 Win.
.300 Win. Mag. .243 Win.
.30-06 Spgfld. .243 Win.
7mm Rem. Mag. .243 Win.
.270 Wby. Mag. .243 Win.
.270 Win. .22-250
.25-06 .223 Rem